MR20 Brass Fixture (DK01A)

MR20 Brass Fixture (DK01A)
MR20 Brass Fixture (DK01A)
MR20 Brass Fixture (DK01A)
MR20 Brass Fixture (DK01A)

Product Description

In order to develop the better performce of LED module and improve the accuracy of wireless

Bluetooth response, WONKA decided to develop more applicable brass fixtures.

There are Standard version and Bluetooth Mesh version avaliable.

Product Advantage

• Coming with solid brass, unique craftsmanship processing to improve the texture, waterproofness and safety of assemble. Especially ensure the inner leds work stable with long lifespan.

• Patented inner elastic structure, ensure the stable installation for module.

• Various combinations types for application options, flexible response to customers' requirements.

• Normal & Mesh Intelligent version for optional.

• G5.3 socket for easy instal;
• Mostureproof, Salt mist proof, Mildewproof.

Product Parameter

DK01ADimension:178mm × 75mmInput Voltage:12V AC/DC
Housing Material:Solid BrassSocket:GU5.3
Remote Control:-Qty per carton10 pcs
Beam Direction:180°Weight per carton:9.8kg

Caution: Please only use with "Inductive/Electromagnetic Transformer" or "Switching Mode Power Supply"

("Electronic Transformer" will harm to the lamp).

Product Design




Plastic Stake with Brass Thread (P-Brass Stake)
Brass Claw

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