Manual Dimmer - Low Voltage (KZ04A)

Manual Dimmer - Low Voltage (KZ04A)
Manual Dimmer - Low Voltage (KZ04A)

Product Description

1. Select the best AC transformer to provide 12V AC to Dimmer and LED's.

2. Install the 12V AC LED dimmable products with the transformer power off.

3. The maximum current is 10 Amps, the maximum load is 120W.

4. Using a small phillips screwdriver, adjust the trim pot switch so the LED's are at their lowest brightness.

5. Adjust the dial switch to the desired ilumination level.

6. Suite for 12V AC Transformer only, do not overload more than 120W.

Note: The dimmer is Not waterproof, it usually be used in a weatherproof box.

Product Parameter

Manual Dimmer


(Low Voltage)

Full Load:120WInput Voltage:12V AC (Only)
Panel Material:AluminumOutput Voltage:12V AC (Only)
Weight per carton:4 KGQty per carton10 pcs

Product Design



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