T20 4W - Wedge W3×16D (ZS01A)

T20 4W - Wedge W3×16D (ZS01A)
T20 4W - Wedge W3×16D (ZS01A)

Product Description

Exquisite design with reliable quality and light weight.

It can be used in multiple mini lighting fixtures, which is an ideal choice for decoration. Its efficacy is as high as 99lm/w. It will definitely reduce your electricity bill, and lower the maintain cost.

Applications: decoration lighting, spot lighting in shopping malls, restaurant, hotels, parks, etc.

Product Advantage

  • High quality level, project application;

  • Accoding to international size,suitable for general lighting fixtures;

  • Various Color temperature suitable for more different application;

  • With dexterous design, high lumen, high lumen efficacy, our lights are strictly tested in harsh environments, the quality is very stable and relaible;

  • As a result, these lights become the first choice for decoration lighting.

Product Parameter


T20 Wedge


Base:Wedge W3×16DLED Type:SMD
Dimming: Non-dimmableLED Qty:/
Color temperature:2700, 3000, 4000, 5000kVoltage :12V AC/DC
Beam angle:330.4°Weight/Ctn:/
Luminous flux:390-410lmOperation temp:-30cel~+45cel

Caution: Please only use with "Inductive/Electromagnetic Transformer" or "Switching Mode Power Supply"

("Electronic Transformer" will harm to the lamp).

Product Design

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