Warranty Policy

All products produced by Wonka stand by Wonka’s 3 years warranty(fixtures without luminare inside with 15 years warranty) if failed by quality problems during the specified warranty period.All defected products will be repaired or replaced free of charge if functional damage occurs normally.

Guarantee Period

Products LED Lamps Indoor Products Outdoor Products Outdoor Fixture
Warranty duration 3 Years Warranty 3 Years Warranty 3 Years Warranty 15 Years Warranty

Warranty Extention: Increase additional 15% cost to extend another 2 years warranty.

Contents of the disclaimer

  • Products failed by/died of over-volt, lightning, natural disaster.

  • Products failed by improper installation or wrong assembly.

  • If no comply with the maintenance and cleaning instructions.

  • Brass, Bronze oxidize naturally is not finish defect which is not within the scope of the warranty.

Warranty Process

Customer Comments

All-in-one Adjustable fixture SD31A

A customer of mine is testing and « abusing » the fixture. He installs it directly in the snow, then puts it in a puddle of water when the weather is warmer. He kicks it and legit sit on the side for a few days, etc. So far, the fixture is still working.

Wonka's products are sexy. you see it, you want it.

Feedback we received was positive and 1 week after clients received it,we got the orders.

Customer feedback about the SD31A is really good. I’m looking forward to trying all the products.

I want to stay with you and the higher quality bulbs.

We immediately shipped samples to our best contractors and lighting designers and the feedback we received was positive. Twenty-four hours after shipping the samples, we got  orders for the 17 W spotlight. Feedback about the lamps was really good as well.



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